100th Anniversary Production of The Dybbuk" by S. An-ski (Shloyme Zaynvl Rapoport),
presented last month by Theater For The New City in association with New Yiddish Rep,
is now available free on Vimeo.

NEW YORK, February 3 -- The bilingual streaming production of "The Dybbuk" by S. An-ski (Shloyme Zaynvl Rapoport), which was performed at Theater for the New City by New Yiddish Rep on the play's 100th anniversary (December 9 to 13), has been edited for video-on-demand and is now available on Vimeo at: https://vimeo.com/495352677.

"The Dybbuk" is arguably the most well-known play in the Yiddish theater lexicon. It was premiered on December 9, 1920 by the Vilna Troupe at the Eizeum theater in Warsaw. Its success catapulted that company onto the International stage. It has since been translated into 27 languages and performed worldwide.

This December 9, New Yiddish Rep celebrated the play's 100th birthday with a live performance streamed from Theater For The New City. Live streaming performances continued through December 13. The production aimed to be a spiritual fusion of live performance and digital artistry. Because of its complexity, initial performances were hampered by sound problems. These were overcome by the end of the run and this "optimized" version is edited from the later shows. It is being offered by New Yiddish Rep to share its ingenious adaptation of the classic with the widest possible audience.

Carrie Lee O'Dell wrote in thereviewshub.com, "The ensemble cast does fine work, in particular the actors playing Chanon and Leah. Their chemistry is palpable even through a browser screen. All in all, this is a stellar production of Ansky's classic."

Myra Chanin wrote in theaterpizzazz.com, "New Yiddish Rep's Lucie Allouche was a touching Leah. The entire cast was sensitively directed by Jesse Freedman. What allowed it to soar into a heavenly sphere was the brilliance of Cinematographer and New Media Artist Tatiana Stolpovskaya."

The production is in English with a liberal peppering of Yiddish. Subtitles are provided where appropriate. Running time is 75 minutes.

The production is adapted by David Mandelbaum and directed by Jesse Freedman. The actors are: Darrel Blackburn, Amy Coleman, Hannah Gee, Lev Harvey, Lucie Lalouche, David Mandelbaum and Thomas Morris. Lighting design is by Alex Bartieneff, sound is by Eamon Goodman, video is by Tatiana Stolpovskaya, programmer is Taylor Edelle Stuart and stage manager is Eric Alexie Cruz.

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Screenshots of the production are available at: https://photos.app.goo.gl/yKcMSaLnSX2dUy8j7.