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They could be signing up for your mailing list.

Producers: could text messaging in your theater be used to create new relationships with your audience? In conjunction with Metro New Media, Inc, we have created a cutting edge system for list building and sponsorship campaigns involving this technology.

Instead of simply asking your audience members to turn off their cell phones, your pre-show announcement could ask them to first join your mailing list by texting their email address to a dedicated number, for which they will receive a special discount or a sponsor's offer. Our server will receive the text messages, create a database with their email addresses and automatically email them a discount code or any other message of your choosing.

Alternatively, our servers can send them a barcode by email. This barcode can be used for offers and discounts from sponsors who use optical scanning. Imagine the possibilities!

We think it's better to respond to their texts by email so theatergoers won't expect a confirming text message while the show is in progress. But our server will soon be able to respond with text messages as well, which may be useful for other kinds of gatherings.

Building your e-list should be considered one of your top-level investments. For nonprofit theaters, the audience list is also a potential fundraising list. As a fan list, it's indispensible.

Take your audience relationships to a new level with us as your application service provider! Send us an email or call (212) 924-0496 to discuss your needs. Special introductory pricing is in effect.

We surveyed published sources to try and determine the value of this kind of targeted "fan" list. Our findings may surprise you.

In a Convio study of 400 nonprofits, the benchmark average value of a donor's email address has been calculated to be between $1.67 (for public affairs) and $12.35 (for Animal Welfare). These figures are based on the net present value of the average contact's donations over four years.

But that's small compared to the "fan revenue" value of an email contact. In "The True Value of an Email Address," a new study (2010) by Music City Networks, the average music fan 's email address was calculated to be worth $111/year in artist revenue, both online and off. Concert tickets and brick and mortar album purchases are the largest sources of revenue.

There is an emerging consensus that the value of an email address to a knowledgeable marketer is $118. No wonder that in Cleveland, an experienced marketer was giving away one album download to get an email address for a fans list (value $9.99 to $17.99).

In case you are curious, average prices for renting opt-in lists (hardly targeted to your needs, if you're an arts presenter) range from $.10-$.30.