Info as of May 2, 2022 - subject to change
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6:00-6:30 PM Talent Davis

6:32-6:42 PM Yip Harburg Rainbow Troupe

6:44-6:54 PM Aunt Susan and Her Tennessee Waltz

6:56-7:06 PM Infinity Dance Theater

7:08-7:18 PM Chinese Theater Works

7:20-7:40 PM Rod Rodgers Dance Company

7:42-7:52 PM Sarazina Stein

7:54-8:04 PM Thunderbird American Indian Dancers

8:06-8:16 PM Eric Yves Garcia

8:18-8:28 PM Deceus Dance Company

8:30-8:40 PM Oyu-Oro

8:42-8:52 PM Some Fellas Still Don’t Get It By Peter Welch

8:54-9:04 PM Faceboy

9:06-9:16 PM A Saving Grace by Lyle Kessler

9:18-9:28 PM Citizens United Protest Band

9:30-9:50PM David Amram- 20 minutes

9:52-10:02 PM Carol Tandava

10:04-10:14 PM Shakespeare in the Parking Lot

10:16-10:31 PM The Colonel and the Women Take Tea in the Rubble
by Lissa Moira -15 minutes

10:33-10:43 PM Arthur Abrams

10:45-10:55 PM Michael Vazquez

10:57-11:07 PM Bo by B.C Sullivan with WillieAnn Walker

11:09-11:19 PM Zeroboy

11:21-11:31 PM Robert Gonzales, Jr.

11:33-11:43 Jon Weber

11:45 -11:55 PM Alisa Ermolaev


6:00-6:30 PM Mister Pablo

6:32-6:42 PM Justine J. Hall

6:44-6:54 PM Liz Magnes

6:56-7:06 PM Katherine Cullison

7:08-7:18 PM Bennet Pologe

7:20-7:30 PM E-dance

7:32-7:42 PM Jill O’Hara

7:44-7:54 PM Kaoru Ikeda

7:56-8:06 PM Barbara Kahn

8:08-8:28 PM Judy Gorman-20 minutes

8:30-8:40 PM Wise Guise

8:42-8:52 PM Charlie Sub and the Sound Dogs

8:54-9:04 PM Alberto Ferreras – Hamlet in Harlem

9:06-9:21PM Bina Sharif-15 minutes

9:23-9:28 PM Lorcan Otway

9:30-9:40 PM Tom Diriwachter

9:42-9:52 PM David Lewis- Yes

9:54-10:04 PM James Rado

10:06-10:16 PM Hollie Harper

10:18-10:28 PM Bobbie Horowitz

10:30-10:40 PM Monseiur Toussaint

10:42-10:52 PM Louisa Bradshaw

10:54-11:04 PM La MaMa

11:06-11:16 PM Elisa Blynn

11:18-11:28 PM Lex and the Cult of Spirits-15 minutes

11:30-11:40 PM The Legendary Amaz’n Grace


6:00-6:30 PM              Cobu
6:32-6:47 PM              Art Lillard Quartet-15 Minutes
6:49-6:59 PM              Akiko
7:01-7:11 PM              Folksbiene National Yiddish Theater
7:13-7:23 PM              Malachy McCourt
7:25-7:35 PM              Kinding Sindaw
7:37-7:47 PM John Grimaldi

7:49-7:59 PM              Alessandra Belloni
8:01-8:11 PM              Jonathan Fox Powers
8:13- 8:33 PM             Ashley Liang Dance Company

8:35-8:45 PM             Anne Lucas
8:47-8:59 PM              KT Sullivan
9:01- 9:16 PM            Yara Arts

9:18--9:33 PM            Eduardo Machado
9:35-9:45 PM             Austin Pendleton
9:47-9:57 PM             Richard West
9:59-10:09 PM          Sabura Rashid
10:11-10:21 PM        13th Street Rep    

10:23-10:33 PM        Sometime Child     
10:35-10:45 PM          New Yiddish Rep
10:47-10:57 PM          Valery Oisteanu
10:59-11:09 PM          JC Augustin/Elizabeth Ruf

11:11-11:21      Tym Moss

11:23-11:33 PM          Danielle Aziza
11:35-11:45 PM          Le Squeezebox Cabaret


6:36-7:06 – Robert Varkony - Star 69

7:08-7:18 – Alicia Mitchell-Foxworth

7:20 -7:30 – Ghai’l

7:32-7:42 - Lei Zhou

7:44-7:54 - Donald Arrington

7:56-8:01 - Richard Weber

8:03-8:13 – The Great Dubini

8:15-8:25– The Unamerican by Claude Solnik

8:27-8:37 – Dawoud Kringle

8:39-8:49 - Peter Dizozza

8:51-9:01 - Maude Lardner Burke

9:03-9:23 - Mary Tierney’ Workshop-20 minute

9:25-9:35 - Ego Actus

9:37-9:47 - Melange

9:49-9:59 - Ariana Johns

10:01-10:11 - Nelson Gonzalez

10:13-10:23 - Somewhere Between Mars and Venus (Terry Lee King)

10:25-10:35 - Stan Baker

10:37-10:47 – Ortencia

10:49-10:59- Darpan Joshi

11:01-11:11 – Ellen Steier

11:13-11:23 – Lady Clover Honey


7:00-7:10 - Jane Byella

7:12-7:22 - Cheryl Grant

7:24-7:34 - Michael Lee

7:36-7:46 - Evan Lawrence

7:48-7:58 - Bob Homeyer

8:00-8:10 - Loretta Auditorium

8:12-8:22 - Jane Byella

8:24-8:34 - DADA New York

8:36-8:46 - Norman Savitt

8:48-8:58 - Eve Packer

9:00-9:10 - Burning City Orchestra / Noam Faingold

9:12-9:22 - Robert Leibowitz

9:24-9:34 - Bei Bei Zhong

9:36-9:46 - Stephan Morrow

9:48-9:58 – Paola Lehman-Cabrera

10:00-10:10 - Devorah Shubowitz

10:12-10:22 - Elizabeth Ruf

10:24-10:34 - Metropolitan Playhouse

10:36-10:46 – Roman Primitivo

10:48-10:58 - Victor Vauban, Jr.

11:00-11:10 - Tanya Solomon

11:12-11:22 - Eric Kuzmuk – 5 minutes

SUNDAY, MAY 29 from 4-7PM -
Featured Guest Poet is Melanie Marie Goodreaux
Poets in Alphabetical Order:
Austin Alexis
Madeline Artenberg
Stan Baker
Briana Bartenieff
Mitch Corber
Peter Dolack
Jim Feast
Cheryl J. Fish
Imelda Gomez
Meghan Grupposo
Robert Hieger
Matthew Huppert
Terry Lee King
Linda Kleinbub
Ron Kolm
Dean Kostos
Fran Luck
Justin Mejias
Lois Kagan Mingus
Lissa Moira
Stephan Morrow
Larry Myers
Valery Oisteanu
Rochelle Pashkin
Marie-Claire Picher
Sabura Rashid
Lola Rodriguez
Bob Rosenthal
Elizabeth Ruf
Bina Sharif
Nate Smith
Ellen Steier
Tom Walker
Robin Weiser
Richard West
Ernest K. Woodley
Joanie Fritz Zosike
Open Mic As Time Permits

2:00 PM - 5:00 PM- - JOHNSON THEATER
Harlem Repertory Theatre and the Yip Harburg Lyrics Foundation Rainbow Troupe presents The Wizard of Oz, a Jazz Musical
The music of FunikiJam World Music Theatricals
Cobu kids
City Parks Foundation Swedish Cottage Marionettes 

1:00 PM - 11:00 PM - CABARET THEATER
Technical Director: Roy Chang
Hosted by: Solène Moreau & Eva Dorrepaal

1.01 pm
ASTORIA HAD A LITTLE LAMB - Directed & Written by Irene Bremis -  drama - 31 min 
Starring: Anna Tsiriotakis, Jimmy Drago, Kirk Wilson, Matthew Powers and Romano Orzari
A Greek American brother and sister from Astoria, NY, move to the LES to pursue their life, but when one becomes a drug dealer and loses his way, the other pays with her life. 

1.39 pm
A MAN OF HIS TIME - Directed by Estelle Parsons, Written by Kate T Billingsley - drama - 28 min
Starring: Jim DeMarse, Count Stovall and Eliott Johnson
Two men meet in a cafe to reconcile a 160 year old tragedy between their families. 

2.16 pm (block of 2 films)
AFTER THE SNOW - Directed by Brooke Sebold, Written by Matthew Tyler - drama - 9 min
Starring: Jeannine Kaspar, Mark Borkowski and Sasha Zitofsky
Brandishing a gun, June demands an apology from the man who attacked and impregnated her 8 months prior.  
FIG JAM - Directed by Frank J. Avella - covid comedy - 22 min
Starring: Alex Haynes, Carlotta Brentan, John David West. Director of Photography: James Eades
Swiping Right During Covid Could Be Hazardous...

2.53 pm (block of 3 films)
TO US - Directed by Sophia Conger, Written by Eric and Sophia Conger - drama/comedy - 12 min
Starring Delphi Harrington & Dawn McGee. Cinematography by Andi Obarski
When Roger Glass, a famous news anchor, is accused of sexual assault in the workplace, his wife and daughter must come to terms with him -- and themselves.
MY GREAT GREAT AUNT ON MY STEPFATHER’S SIDE THROUGH MARRIAGE - comedy - 15 min Directed by Cedric Hill Starring: Candice Jean-Jacques, Monique Giunta and others
One Great-great Aunt, one Marriage, one Translator, and a singing boat. Not every letter brings good news.
ME AND MOLLY - Directed by Sofia Ogneva, Written by Rich Monetti - drama - 1 min
Starring Rich Monetti and Molly
A man and his dog come to understand the need for balance between nature and human kind.

3.28 pm
TWO BOROUGHS - Written and Directed by Nick DeSimone - drama - 20 min
Starring: Mike Beaury, Sam Sciarretta, Richard O'Brien, Catherine Pennolino Petersen, and John Di Benedetto Cinematographer: Spencer Katz
The day Derek Jeter readies for his 3,000th career hit, a Brooklyn subway car repairman drives to Staten Island to see his elderly dad whom, because of a family grudge, he hasn't seen in 11 years. 

3.53 pm
Directed & Edited by Rich Brotman Produced by Chris Law, Written by Abra Bigham
A celebratory documentary of an extraordinary couple set against the backdrop of geopolitical and economic struggle in 20th Century China and Hong Kong. 

5.21 pm (block of 3 films)
INHERITANCE - Directed by Annalise Lockhart - drama - 15 min
Starring: Victoria Villier, Ron Brice, DeLeon Dallas and Mary Glen Fredrick
A Black family strives to shield their rural Vermont home from the gaze of the spirits that surround it.
BLACK IS BLACK - Directed by Thomas J Cooksey, Written by Tajh V. Lewis - drama - 5 min
Starring: Tajh V. Lewis and Caleb McDaniel
Black is Black is a short film sparking a much-needed conversation about colorism, a large issue within the black community, as well as many other communities. Colorism is the prejudice or discrimination against individuals with a dark skin tone, typically among people of the same ethnic or racial group. 
IT’S NEVER THE LAST - Directed by Mitch Schlagel - crime thriller - 2 min
Starring: Gregory J. Bradley, Tessa Rae, Ryan Harrison
A tired hitman is ready for his last job.

5.50 pm (block of 3 films)
GET ON THE BANANA BOAT - Directed & Edited by Peter Dizozza - multinational travelogue - 12 min
Prepared with music by Peter Dizozza from a 16mm film digitized by Helge Bernhardt
A Commercial Steamship transports bananas and passengers through Latin America. The ship's owner, The United Fruit Company, gave the world not just bananas but also banana republics.
UNCLE SILAS - Written and directed by Sayra Player with co-director Rebecca Brillhart - drama - 15 min
Starring: Sayra Player, Kevin Kane, Karen Chamberlain, Fran Benhamou, Nick Basta, JB Rote, Johnny Norwell & Khalil Mohammad.
Maureen, exhausted from child birth, must summon a mother's strength to fight for redemption or choose to let go from a dangerous, self-destructive force: her family. 
WOMEN WHO ARE DIFFICULT TO LOVE - A film by by Mary Carl and Kaitlin Scott - drama - 2 min
Starring - Jose Duran and Lauren Switzer
A visual poem about the complexities of love.

6.29 pm (block of 4 films)
UKRAINE - Directed by David de Hannay - documentary - 3 min
Cinematography & Editing: Monnele Britt Produced by Roberto Monticello Voice over: Kinga Nowak 
Filmmakers attempt to overcome violence by exposing the horror of genocide in Ukraine.
DRAGONIA - directed by Eric Schneider - comedy - 3 min
Starring: Juliette Bennett
A Slovakian femme fatale explains how to boil an egg.
UNVEILING MISS KERR - Directed & Edited by Marja Samsom - documentary - 3 min
Diary of a forgotten actress.
PUSS - Directed by Leah Shore - comedy - 9 min
Starring: Sarah Ellen Stephens, Karl Jacob, Brian W. Smith, Mark Blane, Brian Agamie, William George Louis. 
Samantha desperately wants to get laid, but is finding it to be difficult for some reason. 

6.54 pm
THE BLAZING - Directed by Jonathan Caouette - experimental - 27 min
A mysterious frequency seeps its way into the airwaves. Felt around the globe, its terrifying effects transform the fabric of reality.

7.24 pm (block of 3 films)
1992 - Directed by Andrew Shemin - drama - 8 min
Starring: Kiernan Doyle
A time traveler from 1992 comes to modern New York.
LESSON #7 BY ALBERTO FERRERAS - Directed and Written by Alberto Ferreras - comedy - 7min Starring: Olga Merediz and Shirley Rumierk. 
A daughter confronts her mother with the most difficult question, and gets an answer she was not expecting. 
PRISONER - Directed by Stetson Hayes - drama - 10 min
Starring: Starring Kenji Nakano, Toshinori Hamada Cinematography by Robert L. Mickles.
With his execution approaching, a prisoner makes a fateful choice. 

7.52 pm:
PHANTOM PARTY - Edwin Brienen - avantgarde comedy - 60 min
Starring: Tomas Spencer, Eva Dorrepaal, Sebastian Šuba, Welpe Cinematography: Matthias Tschiedel
Self-absorbed film maker Jerome Gold is working on his latest film, a high class art house epic... at least in his head. Reality however proves to be less picturesque.

8.55 pm
A BLOOD ARTIST - A film by Jeffrey Wengrofsky - documentary - 11 min
Editor: Chris Breal Music: The Brickbats (Corey Gorey, DW Friend, Gregjaw, and the ghost of Paul Morden)
LES artist Axel Stocks reveals how his tortured genealogy and an encounter with Salvador Dali influenced his making blood paintings for more than 40 years. 

9.15 pm EST: MISTER SISTER - a film by Mars Roberge - dramedy - 109 min
Starring: Jack Busa, Her Royal Highness Princess Diandra, Debra Haden, Jim Sclavunos, Chaka Khanvict, Gazelle Paulo, Brandon Olson and Shia Ho. Cinematographer: Cody K. Stauffer
A suicidal man from Milwaukee is given a second chance at life in NYC, working as a drag MC while learning the courage from the caring LGBTQ+ community to pursue his dreams, including a relationship with a tap dancing single mom.

Throughout the festival, an art show curated by Carolyn Ratliff will grace the TNC lobby spaces.
This art show will have its own free, special opening Wednesday, May 25 from 5:30 to 8:00 PM.
Featuring works by:
Anna Pasztor
Barbara J. Wilson
Carmen Einfinger
Carolyn Ratcliffe
DiDi Maucher
Earth Celebrations
Eileen Doster
George Hirose
Gretchen Van Dyk
Jerry Pagane
James Walker
Julius Klein
Kathy Creutzburg
Ken Ecker
Kristan Enos
Lee Ruelle
Leslie Lowe
David Zen Mansley
Lissa Moira
LoLa Saenz
Meg Boe Birns
Onno De Jong
Peter Welch
Roman Albear
Ruth Oisteanu
Rochelle Pashkin
Mike Rimbaud
Sally Young
Valery Oisteanu

# # #