Calendar of Indoor Events
2024 Lower East Side Festival of the Arts
Theater for the New City, 155 First Ave. (at E. 10th Street)
Schedule as of May 7, 2024
All Events & Times are Subject to Change

A more complete schedule will also be posted here
on the Theater for the New City website.

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6:00 PM - Mister Pablo

6:32 PM - Cobu

6:54 PM - Eva Dorrepaal

7:06 PM - Rod Rodgers Dance Company

7:28 PM - Yip Harburg Rainbow Troupe

7:40 PM - David Willinger

7:52 PM - Liz Magnes

8:04 PM - Rasvan Stoian Dance

8:16 PM - Drilling Company

8:28 PM - Issue #9

8:40 PM - Sarah Lilly

8:52 PM - Louisa Bradshaw

9:04 PM - Constellation Moving Co.

9:16 PM - Janice Lowe

9:28 PM - Bina Sharif

9:40 PM - Jonathan Fox Powers

9:52 PM - Alberto Ferreras

10:04 PM - Austin Pendleton

10:16 PM - Ishmael Reed

10:27 PM - Stephen Morrow: The Coming Storm

10:39 PM - Mimi Block

10:52 PM - New Yiddish Rep

11:03 PM - Tym Moss

11:15 PM - Ejyp Johnson

11:27 PM - Aftershocks (Lissa Moira)

11:39 PM - Bryce Payne

11:51 PM -


6:30 PM - Star 69

6:52 PM - Tierney's TNC Theater Workshop

7:04 PM - Tierney's TNC Theater Workshop 2

7:16 PM - Tierney's TNC Theater Workshop 3

7:28 PM - Dawoud Kringle

7:40 PM - Stephanie Trudeau

7:52 PM - Mila Levine

8:04 PM - David W. Jacobson

8:16 PM - A Ribbon For the Birthday Girl

8:28 PM - Miguel Loyola

8:40 PM - Alicia Foxworth

8:52 PM - Bei Bei Yubo Zhong

9:04 PM - Textile Theater Company

9:16 PM - Domingo, Jr Diaz

9:28 PM - Joe Bendik

9:40 PM - Larry Litt

9:52 PM - Maude (Elizabeth) Burke

10:04 PM - Wendy Stuart

10:16 PM - Michael A Green

10:28 PM - Evan Laurence

10:40 PM - Face Boy

10:52 PM - Lei Zhou

11:04 PM - Darpan Joshi

11:16 PM - Carlos Acosta

11:28 PM - Rew Starr

11:30 PM -


6:00 PM - Michael David Gordon Apple Bonkers

6:32 PM - Lillard On Time Quartet

6:54 PM - Chinese Theatre Works

7:06 PM - Yara Arts

7:18 PM - Lyle Kessler

7:30 PM - Ashley Liang Dance Company

7:52 PM - John Grimaldi

8:03 PM - Alessandra Belloni

8:15 PM - Infinity Dance Theater

8:23 PM - Folksbiene - National Yiddish Theater

8:35 PM - Indian Cultural Arts Center

8:49 PM - Judy Gorman Accp. BK

9:01 PM - Jeff Davis, Glitter Kitty

9:13 PM - Toby Armour

9:25 PM - David Mcdonald

9:37 PM - Raymond Lindie

9:49 PM - Oyu-Oro

10:01 PM - Victor Vauban

10:23 PM - John Jiler

10:35 PM - Carol Tandava

10:42 PM - Eduardo Machado

10:54 PM - Hollie Harper

11:06 PM - Robert Gonzales Jr.

11:18 PM - Zeroboy

11:30 PM - Barbara Herr

11:42 PM - Lex and The Cult of Spirits

11:54 PM - Terry Lee King (Amazin' Grace)

12:06 AM


6:00 PM - Tilted Axes

6:22 PM - Kinding Sindaw

6:34 PM - Charly Wenzel

6:46 PM - Gregory Nissen

6:58 PM - Robin Goldfin

7:09 PM - Thunderbird American Indian Dancers

7:21 PM - Alec Harrington

7:34 PM - Daromie

7:46 PM - Nicky Paraiso

7:58 PM - David Amram

8:20 PM - Richard West

8:32 PM - Rastro Dance Company (Julieta Valero)

8:39 PM - Rita Costanzi

8:51 PM - Amelia Sasson

9:03 PM - Wise Guise

9:15 PM - Barbara Kahn

9:27 PM - Nobuya Nagahama

9:39 PM - Anne Lucas

9:51 PM - Lissa Moira (Radical Proposal: Facism Bad Democracy Good)

9:53 PM - Tom Diriwachter

10:05 PM - Czechoslovak-American Marionette Theatre

10:16 PM - Douglass Lackey

10:28 PM - JC Augustin

10:40 PM - William Electric Black

10:52 PM - Misha Schulman

11:04 PM - Valery Oisteanu

11:16 PM - Christine Stoddard

11:28 PM - Devorah Shubawitz

11:40 PM - Le Squeezebox Cabaret

11:52 PM -


6:30 PM - Peter Dizozza

7:02 PM - Lower east side performing arts

7:14 PM - Broken Chains

7:26 PM - Citizens United Protest Band

7:38 PM - Rebecca Wilson

7:50 PM - Ed Malin

8:02 PM - Elisa Blynn

8:14 PM - Smokey Stevens

8:26 PM - Egoactus

8:38 PM - Stan Baker

8:50 PM - Steven Harris

9:02 PM - Peter Welch

9:14 PM - Thomas Baker

9:26 PM - David Elyha

9:38 PM - Elizabeth Ruf

9:50 PM - Roman Primitivo

10:02 PM - Ellen Steier

10:14 PM - Don Arrington

10:26 PM - Pamela Enz and C.C. Kellogg

10:38 PM - Great Dubini, The

10:50 PM - King Drag

11:01 PM - Lady Clover Honey

11:13 PM - Adrian Tomby


Saturday, May 25
Cabaret Theater (downstairs, first red door to the left, before you enter the lobby)
Curated by: Eva Dorrepaal

Technical Director: Roy Chang
Hosted by: Ron Brice, Jolina Wessels & Eva Dorrepaal

1PM -

HEAR, EAT, HOME: KINAN'S VISION - Written and directed by Hsuan Yu Pan - Documentary - 3 min Starring: Kinan Azmeh, Kevork Mourad, Kaoru Watanabe, Shane Shanahan, Fung Chern Hwei.
Syrian immigrant musician Kinan Azmeh shares his idea about home and identity.

JOB'S LAMENT - Directed by Martin Reckhaus Adapted by Jessica Slote from The Book of Job. Urban/Narrative - 31 min Starring: Sara Alzetta, Robert Rann, Misha Shulman, Mary Krapf, and Carlo Altomare.

Five modern-day Jobs make their way through a modern-day city—giving voice to the ancient human cry for mercy and justice.

1.51PM -

THE ONLY LANGUAGE SHE KNOWS - Directed by Carla Blank, produced by Ishmael Reed - 21 min Starring: Genny Lim, M.J. Lee

A traditional Chinese American mother and her avant-garde daughter have a kitchen fight.

SUBTERRANEAN LOVE (OLGA) - Directed by Robert Haufrecht - Drama - 16 min Starring: Marcia Haufrecht, Anya Migdal, William Donovan, John Short, Mark Borkowski. 

A day in the life of an old Russian woman who plays accordion on subway platforms and lives in Brighton Beach with her ailing husband. 

GARBAGIA Directed by Melvin Audaz - Documentary - 10 min Starring: Garbagianos Community Speaking: Rolando Politi, Daniel Polnau, Daniela Fabrizi, Marta V, Pedro Alomar, Rosa Vélez, Libertad Guerra, Andrea Gordillo 

This eclectic group of local artists and activists creates a vast world of creatures made out of TRASH to share their ideas of an alternative world that addresses social and environmental issues. Based on artist Rolando Politi's state of mind and matter, Garbagia, whose iconic repurposed and recycled sculptures pepper community gardens throughout Loisaida, this is the tale of how this community makes their universe come to life.

2.53PM -

SILENT CITY - Conceived and Directed by Peter Welch - Experimental/Documentary - 13 min

An unknown visitor's cinematic journey through urban America captured without sound. 

THE PART- Written and Directed by Derek Shane Garcia - Drama - 8 min Starring Aidan Sank

An anxious, struggling actor in New York City awaits a phone call for a life changing role.

MYSTERIOUS MAN (An excerpt from The List) - Directed by Daniel H. Simon, Written by Daniel H. Simon & Patrick J. Davin - Thriller/ Drama/ Dark Comedy - 5 min - Starring Mike Roche and Mark Borkowski

A canceled theater director helps his therapist develop an explosively charged play about government secrets that threaten the lives of both men. 

3.34PM -

LOOK AT US NOW, MOTHER! Directed, written and produced by Gayle Kirschenbaum - Documentary - 84 min Featuring Mildred Kirschenbaum and Gayle Kirschenbaum

A humorous, moving, intimate and courageous film following the transformation of an abusive mother and tumultuous mother-daughter relationship to that of acceptance and love as we follow the personal story of the filmmaker.

5.13PM -

MUSE - Directed by Pete O'Hare, edited by Raven Dahlin - Documentary - 10 min Starring: Angela Buccinni Butch

An intimate journey with the founder of a one-of-a-kind circus space hanging on by a thread in Brooklyn, NY.

MY BODY - Directed by Sean Nagy Marner, written by Sean Nagy Marner - Personal Documentary - 9 minutes Starring: Sean Nagy Marner

A reflection on my changing body through weight loss and gender exploration.

MUSHUGATZ - Directed by Daniel Hendricks Simon & Nick DeSimone. Written by Nick DeSimone & Daniel Hendricks Simon - Comedy/Drama - 11 min.  Starring:  Nelson Avidon, Nick DeSimone, John Short and Ivette Dumeng

Manny Segalowitz, a New York City barber and veteran of the Iraq war, is forced to close his shop due to the Pandemic. Unable to do the thing he loves most - cutting hair - he takes matters into his own hands.

5.58PM -

MANHATTANHENGE - Directed by Mecca Medina, written by Kristin Kirkley - Drama/Sci-fi - 15 min Starring: Kristin Kirkley, Richard M Carrillo

In a dystopian future where public infrastructure is collapsing but bureaucracy is still in place, Jane must reconnect with her estranged husband to ask for his help.

ADDICTION - Written and directed by Samuel Amsterdam - Documentary - 5 min Starring: Samuel Amsterdam 

A reflection of the daily struggles of a longtime cannabis addict. What motivates one to begin, and what motivates one to continue smoking. 

COHERESHALA - Directed by, Written, and Starring Callan Shattuck and Brian Berrebbi - Fantasy/Musical - 3 min - A man and an otherwordly being share a space.

6.36PM -

BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS - Written and directed by Andrew Shemin - Drama - 11 min Starring: Sabrina Robinson, John R. Smith Jnr, Doc Kurzweg, Ed Molina

A cheerful saleswoman pitches a bartender an affiliate program for the euthanasia of his customers. 

RICKY Written and directed by Rashad Frett, Produced by Ramfis Myrthil - Drama - 20 min Starring: Parish Bradley, Maliq Johnson, Simbi Kali, Karen Chilton, Reese Antoinette

 An Ex-Offender struggling with new freedom pursues redemption at all costs when given a job from his neighbor.

HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?! - Directed by Laurence Shanet, written by Jeannie Dalton & Ryan Nelson - Comedy - 27 min Starring: Ryan Nelson & Jeannie Dalton with Natasha Lopez, Imran Sheikh & Paulette Thompson. 

A hip, young, black restaurateur tries to extricate himself from his toxic ex-girlfriend with the help of his older, white landlady.

7.49PM -

NO TIME- Directed by Engin Altintas, written by Gamze & Engin Altintas, Produced by Burak Tatar - Drama - 4 min Starring: Michael Tyrell, Gina DiPeppe

James’ work consumes him, leaving no time for his wife, who feels neglected, while he feels unappreciated for his sacrifices; their escalating arguments deepen emotional conflicts.

SPECIAL FRIEND - Directed by Irene Bremis, written by Irene Bremis - Comedy - 8 min. Starring: Irene Bremis, Yamaneika Saunders, Rick Younger, Jen Remauro.

Irene goes to see Dr. Washington, a Gynecologist with a private practice, and to her horror, it's anything but private. 

AJAY'S STORY - Directed by Christina Richardson, Co-Directed by Leon, Written by Orsen Reyes, Darhendrick Castro, Patrick Pyne, and Christina Richardson - Action/Drama - 31 min Starring: Jesse Singleton, Israel Oyedapo, Vegas Chiddick and Emma Green.

When tragedy strikes, AJ and his foster siblings are determined to keep their makeshift family together after social services threaten to split them up.

9.00PM -

STARS - Directed by Mars Roberge, written by Mars Roberge based on play by Doron Braunshtein - Drama - 108 min Starring: Debra Haden, Rah Digga, Eva Dorrepaal, Miley Rose, Meredith Binder and Sophia Lamar

A group of homeless women must learn that a glimmer of hope is worth more than all the money in the world.

# # #