Hello, and thank you for your interest in me!

My performing credits are on my actor's resume, but this page will tell you more about "the person behind the face."

Me and my Daddy.

I’m originally from Wilkes-Barre, PA (just south of Scranton, where "The Office" is set). I've been in theater all my life. In the J.F.K. years, as a child actor, I made my professional debut in "South Pacific" with the Kenley Players in Columbus, Ohio. (I appeared with Dorothy Collins and Gene Hollman.) After graduating from Yale (BA, American Studies) and Columbia Business School (MBA, Media Management) in the seventies, I returned to acting at the age of 26. My NY debut was in "End as a Man" by Calder Willingham at the Lion Theater Company, directed by Garland Wright. That show starred Tom Berringer. It was early in the Off-off Broadway years.

After that, I "connected" unexpectedly into some of TV's funniest commercials. My spots for Federal Express and Wendy's, directed by the immortal Joe Sedelmaier, were in Clio-winning campaigns. Dialogue from these two spots became part of the American lexicon, like "Parts is parts!" and "You've all done an excellent job…except Cruller!" I've done lots of film and stage too, but most people know me from my commercials.

Those who know me as an actor sometimes find it surprising that in my "other" job, I'm a theatrical press agent. When you think about it, it makes sense. My actor's insight is my competitive advantage. My acting training and experience has made me a more acute writer on performance subjects. My on-camera experience has made me a more well-rounded theatrical photographer. From auditioning, I have learned how to bring instant creative choices into all of my work. (I can even say I draw on my MBA training, since it has made me more effective at marketing my clients.) My press agent practice was born in 1987 and continues through this day.

My most influential artistic mentors have been Wynn Handman and Bob McAndrew (for acting) and Albert Hague and David Craig (for musical theater). I am also fairly well trained in physical theater and I have a knack for dialects. In singing, I'm a baritone.

Some of my favorite theatrical productions have been "Marathon '33," directed by Garland Wright at Lion Theater Company; "Casa" with Denise Stoklos at La MaMa; "One Director Against His Cast," written and directed by Crystal Field, at TNC and in L'Aquila, Italy; and the revival of Rochelle Owens' "Futz," directed by Tom O'Horgan, at La MaMa.

But my most favorite performance was "Duet for Solo Voice" by David Scott Milton at Theater for the New City January 28 to February 14, 2010. Please go to the show's website and read the reviews.

I am married to actress Shirley Curtin and we have a daughter, Julia.

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