Pictures of L'Aquila

I rehearsed and acted in L'Aquila, Italy in February-March, 1989--about 20 years before the April 6, 2009 earthquake changed the quaint medieval walled city forever.

There has been much press coverage of the destruction, but I have seen few to no published images of the town before the quake. Since I had photographed as much of the city as I could between rehearsals, I have assembled this pictorial of the town for the benefit of people who have not been there. That would be most of us, since L'Aquila was "off the beaten path" for most tourists.

San Bernardino basilica at night, L'Aquila, Italy 1989.

This chronicle is under construction and I would love to receive additional information and photos from the wonderful actors and crew who worked with me on this tour. My hope is, with our collective resources, to offer a significant and unique view of L'Aquila before the earthquake. For now, except where noted, all the pictures are by me.

I will be tracking charitable funds for earthquake relief and putting links to them on the last page of this essay.

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