My favorite place in L'Aquila: I Portici (the arcade) in center of town. This part of the center city survived the 2009 earthquake. Like many places, I shot it at night. I treasured its peacefulness as it was lit by its overhead lamps.



Collemaggio, containing the grave of Pope Celestino V, the only pope who ever renounced the papacy. His sarcophagus was found after the building was damaged in the 2009 earthquake.


Floodlit night view of Cathedral of San Bernardino, which was badly damaged in 2009 earthquake.



San Bernardino basilica at night.


Special thanks to playwright Mario Fratti, who grew up in L'Aquila. Fratti had arranged the theater exchange between TNC and La Piccola Brigatta. He helped me with identifications of these photos.

Mario Fratti in 2002 on the set of his play, "Six Passionate Women," at La MaMa E.T.C., New York.


After we returned from Italy, we opened the show at Theater for the New City in April, 1989 and played for three weeks. I have no production photos at this time; maybe some will appear. But here is a publicity photo we used for the New York run.

Photo by Amnon Ben Nomis

If you are interested in giving money for L'Aquila relief, an Earthquake Relief Fund has been established by Manhattan's Italian American Museum, a nonprofit whose president is Joe Scelsa 917-642-4922 and whose director is Maria Fosco 212-541-1021.


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