Fresco ceiling in a hallway between buildings. Sometimes the light was so dim that shooting photos of these small treasures became impractical. I think I tried using flash, but it came out ugly. The beauty of the place was the interplay between light and dark.


Courtyard in Old City Hall in L'Aquila


Street and underpass leading toward the 99 Canelle Fountains in L'Aquila



Entrance to a courtyard in a private house at night.


Flamingo ornaments decorate a driveway


Knobby external wall of an old building


Via Roma in L'Aquila epitomized the narrow streets.


Steep walkway between buildings. Laundry was visible hanging out of windows on the sunny side.


Covered alley near Albergo Grande (Grand Hotel) in L'Aquila.


Old tools were displayed in a private courtyard.



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