In the Corso Centrale in L'Aquila at 5:00 pm, workers strolled the street after work. It seemed to be a joyous release from the cares of the day.



Men strolling on a sunny afternoon.



One afternoon, Arthur Abrams played the piano and a spontaneous party sprang up in the lobby of Grande Albergo. Members of La Piccola Brigata danced the Tango better than we did.


A goodbye party for the Theater for the New City troupe, given by La Piccola Brigata in their rehearsal building. The banner said "ciao a presto."


Crystal Field (L), Artistic Director of Theater for the New City, confers with Franco and Simonetta Narducci during a celebratory dinner in a nice restaurant. Franco was at the time Artistic Director of La Piccola Brigata, which hosted Theater for the New City in the theater exchange.


Italian Alpine soldiers were in L'Aquila in March, 1989 for a pan-european ski tournament between armies from various countries. The tournament was on the sli slopes in the currounding countryside.


Beniamino Rispoli (driver) and his wife spoke English. They were congenial tour guides to Arthur Abrams (passenger) and me. They drove when we were taken to a nearby ski resort.


We passed a local high school's soccer game along the way.


At Gran Sasso skiing area in Campo Imperatore, near L'Aquila, members of our cast posed with members of La Piccola Brigata. The mountain is 12,300 feet above sea level. In 1944, Mussolini was captured and briefly imprisoned in Campo Imperatore, but was rescued by German helicopters. In 1945, he was recaptured and executed by partisans near Milan.



The show before ours had to load out at night so we could load in.


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