Attacked by Meatballs

This spot for Bounce with Stain Guard was one of my most joyous slapstick performances. The product removes food stains in the dryer. To illustrate the need for it, I was attacked by meatballs and covered with sauce. The filming is captured by these stills, which were shot by the film crew.

The camera rolls.
I sit down to a perfect "bachelor" dinner.
A flourish of trhe napkin indicates that dinner will be delicious.
I dig into my spagett, but I'm messy...
The meatball flies into my shirt.
Frantically, I try to blot up the mess.
But I tip the table...
and both the dinner and I wind up on the floor.
So, the shirt has to go into the washer.
...and then into the dryer, using Bounce with Stain Guard.
Cleanly dressed again, I settle for dessert.
If the chocolate sundae acts like the spaghetti, I'll be prepared.

Ironically, I was hit on the shirt with a meatball again recently in a print job for Yahoo. (See: print work.)