I danced, I pranced, I cut a rug...

I tripped the light fantastic in Ogilvy and Mather's
spot for Digital Music Express.


You've all done an excelent job...

"Next time use Federal Express,
or you may never hear the end of it."
Directed by Joe Sedelmaier, 1981.



Over the years, there have been many spots for Wendy's.

Somehowm I've always played a customer.
This regional spot for the Davco Wendy's franchise in Washington and St. Louis satirized the competition from Roy Rogers.


Some other spots had eerie situations.

"Tired of staring at the same old fish? In the same old fish bowl? Come to the National Aquarium in Baltimore, where you can see thousands of fish!"  
In this spot for Baggies, the horror in the fridge was freezer burn.