View of Appenine mountain range from the city. I wonder if the modern buildings visible here were among those that were mentioned in news reports as vulnerable to the earthquake since they had not been constructed to modern building codes.


Letitzia Mateucci (actor in TNC company) walking before road signs.


Teatro Stabile, the main theater of the town, whose ceiiling collapsed in the 2009 earthquake.


In the city, the Neptune fountain was an important navigational landmark for us as we learned our way around.


Here I am standing on Scalinata (sloping steps) de San Bernardino. Residents ski down this incline during snowstorms. Photo by Arthur Abrams.


View from Church of San Bernardino, looking down on Via Fortebraccio and out onto the Appenine mountains.


A flower and produce market is held in the morning at main square.


Unfortunately, I never thought to photograph the market except when they were cleaning it up.




The city contains a castle from the 16th century, built by the Spanish ad repremendam Aquilanorum audaciam (to repress rebellians in Aquila). The castle was only shaken in 2009 earthquake.


The castle's entrance was under construction at the time.


Footings of the bridge. I had no wide angle lens, so I couldn't capture the entire scope of the building and had to settle for details. Here, I meant to illustrate the depth of the moat.


Plaque gives the geographic coordinates of the Castle.


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